I am so done with these self harm jokes. Every single day people suffer from self injury. And, I assure you. It is NOT a joke. You have to be going through so much pain, emotionally, to feel like you have to hurt yourself, physically. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. It kills me that people are so ignorant and insensitive about it. The jokes people make disgust me. The person sitting right next to you may have suffered from some sort of that issue. You never know.. Why do people hide behind a computer screen and bully others thinking they are invincible and are able to pass judgement on people they know nothing about. There isn’t a day that goes by where someone isn’t bullied. Whether its online or in reality. It still hurts. It doesn’t make you cool to go out there and say something so bad about someone that they need to hurt themselves. Its not funny. Its stupid to do it to be funny. While you may be laughing, they’re crying. They’re hurting. The stuff you say, says more about your character than theirs. So stop.

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    How many teenagers have to die before people realize bullying is wrong?